Remote Access Detected

It appears that you are trying to access Unit4 from outside Robert Morris University's network (or over Wifi).

Please refer to this guide for details on accessing Unit4 external to the RMU wired network.

Below is a quick guide to remotely access Unit4:

From a University Owned Computer

  1. Log in to a University owned computer
  2. Select the Start button in the bottom left corner of the screen
  3. Type Cisco into the search bar
  4. Select Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client
  5. Input the Username and Password into the appropriate fields and select Connect
    a. Connect to: should be
    b. Group should be RMU-VPN
  6. Verify the connection
    a. Select the Up arrow on the right hand side of the taskbar
    b. Look for the Cisco icon
    c. Hover the mouse over the Cisco icon
    d. If the computer is connected, the popup will read Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client – Connected
  7. Once Connected, Navigate to the Unit4 site
  8. When completed, Turn off the connection:
    a. Right click on the Cisco icon
    b. Select Quit

From a Personally Owned Computer

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Select one of two options:
    a. Install VMware Horizon View Client: This option allows users to install a VMware Client on their computer to make accessing the RMU network smoother. This option is for users who will access the RMU network from their personal computer regularly.

    b. VMware Horizon View HTML Access: This allows users to connect from inside the web browser. This option is for users who will not connect from their computer frequently.

Installing VMware Horizon View Client

  1. Select Install VMware Horizon View Client
  2. Users will be redirected to the the VMware Download webpage
  3. From the list, choose the appropriate product for the type of computer or device you wish to use to remotely access Unit4
  4. Select Go To Downloads
  5. Select Download and download the VMware installer
  6. Run the installer
  7. The installation Wizard will open
  8. Select Next
  9. Select the check mark next to I accept the terms in the License Agreement, then select Next
  10. Select IPv4, then select Next
  11. Select VMware Horizon Client, then select Next
  12. Enter into the field next to Default Horizon Connection Server, then select Next
  13. Uncheck Set default option to login as current user, then select Next
  14. Select the check boxes next to the two location options to access the program, then select Next
  15. Select Install
  16. Wait for the program to install, then select Finish
  17. Restart the computer
  18. Once the computer has started back up and the user has logged in, the VMware Horizon View Client icon will appear

Using VMware Horizon View HTML Access

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Double click VMware Horizon View HTML Access
  3. Read and Accept the Disclaimer
  4. Input username and password and select Log In
  5. Select Administrative View
  6. The connection is verified when an RMU desktop view appears in the browser window
  7. If the user is attempting to access Unit4
    a. Open a web browser
    b. Navigate to
  8. To turn off the connection:
    a. Select the blue down arrow at the top center of the browser window
    b. Select the username in the right corner of the window
    c. Select Disconnect, select Yes
    d. In the top right corner, select Log Out once the user has returned to the VMware Horizon View page; select Yes