Using this Page, Non-Employee Account Owners & Users will be able to Access Instructional Guides About How to:
  * Enroll in 2-Step Verification as a Non-Employee Account              Owner or a New User
  * Revoke Access from a Non-Employee Account User

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How an Owner or New User of a Non-Employee Account Enrolls in 2-Step Verification
Note: The following presentation is about how to enroll in 2-Step Verification when already in your Gmail account. If you are a new user and need to set-up your 2-Step Verification settings AND you are not the owner of the account you first must:
  1. Know your username (Example:
  2. Get the password from the owner of the account or have them reset the password at (button below).
  3. Get a 2-Step Verification code from the owner of the account that will allow you to access the account.  The owner of the account will have printed back-up codes, will be able to retrieve a code from an app/text message or will be able to generate a new code at rmu/edu/reactivate (or the button below).
After you have this information attempt to log-in to your Google account via Sentry Secured Services or Enter the username (including and password. You will be taken to a second screen where you will be prompted to enter a 2-Step Verification code which was given to you by the owner of the account. Once the code is entered you will have access to your new account.

Once inside your Gmail account follow the instructions below to edit the 2-Step Verification settings. Make sure you add your number as the primary way to receive codes, have a backup number, print backup codes, and make an app-specific password if necessary.  We highly recommend that if you have a smartphone, you download the Google Authenticator app for retrievng codes. For additional assistance contact the Help Desk (button below) or for more information about 2-Step Verification visit:

How a Non-Employee Account Owner Revokes Access from a Google (Gmail) Account When 2-Step is Enabled
To keep the University's information secure, all Google (Gmail) accounts are required to be enrolled in 2-Step Verification. However, as users of non-employee accounts change, account access must be revoked from the previously used non-employee Google (Gmail) account. There are multiple steps that the owner of the account needs to complete. Follow the instructional guide shown below to complete this process.

How an Owner May Set-Up Delegated Access on a Non-Employee Account
As the owner of a non-employee account you have the right to view everything that is occurring within your account, even if you are not the primary user. An easy way to do this is to setup delegated access. Through delegated access you have the ability to easily toggle between multiple accounts to view the inbox. However, when viewing your account via delegated access does limit the functionality. For example, advanced settings may not be changed, and all access to the Google apps such as Contacts, Calendar and Drive is eliminated when entering an account through delegated access. But don't forget, you can reset the password and get a 2-Step Verification code at any time to regain control over your account, just visit

Account Delegation